Meeting Dates for 2018/19

Meeting Dates for 2018/19

Date Day Time Event Description
September 10 Monday 7:00 PM Kade Bolger - Finishes
Kade has been turning and selling his work commercially since 2011. He has developed a reputation for the quality of finish he achieves on his pieces.
October 1 Monday 7:00 PM Tim Kennedy - Duplicate Spindle Turning
Replicating spindles is not easy.  Tim will demonstrate and offer advice on how to do it successfully.
October 28 Sunday 9:00 AM All-day Seminar: Michael Hosaluk from Saskatchewan
Michael's website offers a complete bio and photos of his work. This is an event not to be missed.
November 5 Monday 7:00 PM Malcolm Cumming - Basket Illusion Process
Malcolm is a member of the Golden Horseshoe Woodturners Guild. He will show us his step-by-step approach to creating wood vessels that look like they're woven, not turned.
December 3 Monday 7:00 PM David Bell - Salvaging Techniques for Woodturning
David is a member of the Waterloo Wellington Woodturners Guild, a featured artist in the annual Elora Fergus Studio Tour, and a woodturning teacher both at his home workshop and at Lee Valley Seminars.
President's Challenge for December: Turn a Christmas ornament
January 7 Monday 7:00 PMT Neil Haist - Embellishment Techniques
Neil will share what he's learned about embellishing turned pieces through texturing, wood-burning, colouring, gold leaf, and painting.
President's Challenge for January: Turn a wigstand.*
*More than one entry allowed - make as many wigstands as you can.
January 21 Monday 6:30 PM Hands On
February 4 Monday 7:00 PM Dave Taylor - Chainsaw Use 101
A chainsaw can be a valuable tool in woodturning. Learn what you can use it for and how to keep it in good nick.
President's Challenge for February: Make a spinning top*
*More than one entry allowed - special prize for the top that spins the longest.
February 25 Monday 6:30 PM Hands On
March 4 Monday 7:00 PM Carl Durance - Eggs: Inside and Out
Carl is President of the Grey-Bruce Woodturners Guild and a welcome guest demonstrator at the TWG. This time he will be demonstrating how to turn solid and hollow eggs.
President's Challenge for March: Make a fruit*: an apple, a pear, banana - the choice is yours.
*More than one entry allowed
March 18 Monday 6:30 PM Hands On
April 1 Monday 7:00 PM Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever
President's Challenge for April: Make a mushroom* - from Amanita to Zombie - any shape or type is OK. 
*More than one entry allowed
April 15 Monday 6:30 PM Hands On
April 28 Sunday 9:00 AM All-day Seminar: Kai Muenzer from Alberta
Kai's website offers a complete bio, photos of his work, and tips for turners. This seminar is FREE for TWG members.
May 6 Monday 7:00 PM Al Tamman - Turning a Dizzy Goblet
President's Challenge for May: Turn a judge's gavel made of two pieces (a head and a handle) joined after turning.
May 27 Monday 6:30 PM Hands On
June 3 Monday 7:00 PM Spring Showcase
Showcase Rules & Instructions
Showcase Entry Form - NOTE: print this form as a double-sided document