2013 Holiday Showcase
2013 Holiday Showcase

2013 Holiday Showcase

On December 2 our members showed off their wares at the Holiday Showcase.  Spouses, guests and friends were invited to join in and learm more about what the Guild is about.  

The format was very casual and members showed their appreciation for one another's work by voting on the pieces
The Evening

The Winner's List

The Winner's List

First- Bernie Kamutzki
Second-John Buccioni
Third- Bill Sedgwick
Honourable Mention- Randy McLeod

Hollow Forms
First- Russell Norman
Second- Lawrence Kristen
Third- Randy McLeod
Honorable Mention:-Lloyd Butler

First-John Buccioni
Second- Dave Taylor
Third-Dave Taylor

First Don Hinchley
Second:  Bev Dinter
Third: Bev Dinter

The Turnings

The Turners